2018-11-21 | News
PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sweden starts using Kodo Survey.  PwC will use Kodo Survey to determine the impact of some of their courses and…
Is your training a waste?
2018-11-16 | Blog
I’ve seen a few requests for proposal of training and development programmes during my days. I’ve even written a few of them myself. There’…
Show me the money
2018-11-16 | Guides & More
Feel free to download our excel-tool for calculating the potential financial value of training and of evaluating effectiveness of training…
How the best businesses achieve high-impact learning
2018-11-08 | Blog
The best businesses don’t simply create a training program or module. They know the impact that learning transfer has on productivity and…
The managers role before and after training
2018-10-25 | Guides & More
The manager should be involved both before, straight after and for a period after the training. This is a one-page guide to inspire the…
Best Manager-Learner Relationships
2018-10-15 | Blog
There's no question about the value of learning transfer and that one of the most important things to drive learning transfer is to ensure…
new feature
2018-10-09 | News
We've started to develop a new feature that will enable Kodo Survey users to evaluate their trainings on level 1 for free. In mid October…
8 things to do to create a learning culture
2018-09-28 | Blog
When you take a step back and assess your organisation, can you confidently say the environment fosters a learning culture? One of the most…
The Benefits of Agile Training Design: Collaboration, Speed and Flexibility
2018-09-19 | Blog
Agile Training Design, pioneered by Conrad Gottfredson, embodies the following: Align, Get Set, Iterate & Implement, Leverage and…
Determining and optimizing the impact of your training and development
2018-08-09 | Guides & More
In survey after survey, CLO’s, L&D Directors and Training managers say they either don’t have access to data that enables them to…
Maverick by Sigma <3 High Impact Learning
2018-07-05 | News
Maverick by Sigma and Kodo Survey partner up. Maverick by Sigma will use Kodo Survey to demonstrate the impact of their efforts, and also…
Learning Transfer improves Firm Performance
2018-06-19 | Blog
A firm’s performance is obviously determinant upon a number of factors, such as financial measures, customer service, competition…
Kodo Survey Terms and Policies
2018-05-21 | News
A new version of our Privacy Policy has just been released. Go here to read it. 
Kodo Survey Terms of Use
2018-05-21 | News
Our Terms of Use have just been updated. Go here to read it. 
evaluate training effectiveness
2018-05-17 | News
If you have completed Kodo's Training Measurement Certification program you assume accreditation as Kodo certified in automated training…
Whitepaper learning transfer
2018-05-09 | Guides & More
Studies indicate a learning transfer of 15-34% from corporate training programs, meaning that in best case scenarios, less than half of the…
Four things to think of to drive learning transfer
2018-05-08 | Blog
In 2017, spend on organisational training and development was upwards of 140 billion dollars. Organisations are investing a significant…
Maximizing Learning Transfer through your Managers
2018-04-16 | Blog
Managers are perhaps your most valuable asset when it comes to the potential effectiveness of training and the degree of learning transfer…
3000 workdays saved
2018-03-29 | Cases
International market leader saves 3000 work days when reducing training days without jeopardizing its quality. 
Reasons to Evaluate Training Effectiveness
2018-03-13 | Blog
When implementing any type of training program, we think that it’s obvious that training effectiveness should be evaluated regularly. Does…
Connecting Learning to Business Objectives
2018-01-10 | Blog
In a recent McKinsey survey, respondents, consisting of managers, said that building talent within their organization was among the top…