Maverick by Sigma <3 High Impact Learning
2018-07-05 | News
Maverick by Sigma and Kodo Survey partner up. Maverick by Sigma will use Kodo Survey to demonstrate the impact of their efforts, and also…
evaluate training effectiveness
2018-05-17 | News
If you have completed Kodo's Training Measurement Certification program you assume accreditation as Kodo certified in automated training…
Maximizing Learning Transfer through your Managers
2018-04-16 | Blog
Managers are perhaps your most valuable asset when it comes to the potential effectiveness of training and the degree of learning transfer…
3000 workdays saved
2018-03-29 | Cases
International market leader saves 3000 work days when reducing training days without jeopardizing its quality. 
Reasons to Evaluate Training Effectiveness
2018-03-13 | Blog
When implementing any type of training program, we think that it’s obvious that training effectiveness should be evaluated regularly. Does…
Connecting Learning to Business Objectives
2018-01-10 | Blog
In a recent McKinsey survey, respondents, consisting of managers, said that building talent within their organization was among the top…
Defining Crisp Learning Objectives
2018-01-07 | Blog
Learning is about influencing things such as attitude, mindset, intention and awareness so that in the end, the learner’s behaviour is…