Now you can get your Kodo TM Certificate.

2018.05.17 Fenix Bretz
evaluate training effectiveness

If you have completed Kodo's Training Measurement Certification program you assume accreditation as Kodo certified in automated training effect measurement.

With "The Kodo Way" and "Kodo Survey" you have an approach to training effect measurement based on Kirkpatrick, Bloom and Brinckerhoff's theories and models. You may benefit from this certification in various situations.

You can acquire the official certificate for your Training Measurement Certification and get recognition for your accomplishments directly on your LinkedIn profile.

Go to your LinkedIn profile to get your certificate now:

On desktop: Click ‘Add profile section’ just below your profile picture, select background, click + for Licenses and Certifications. 
On mobile app: Click the blue button in the bottom right corner, select background, click + for Licenses and Certifications. 

Fill in information as shown here:

Training Measurement Certification