Yay! Kodo Survey partners with Sigma.

2018.07.05 Fenix Bretz
Maverick by Sigma <3 High Impact Learning

Maverick by Sigma and Kodo Survey partner up.

Maverick by Sigma will use Kodo Survey to demonstrate the impact of their efforts, and also to offer their customers a tool that enables them to demonstrate ROI and increase effect of their learning, development and change programmes.

Maverick by Sigma is the home of the innovators, strategists and techies. They are here to transform us, themselves and society. They believe in communication that connects the heart of the business with the heart of the people. Read more here.

With our partnership we can now show that Kodo Survey is a tool for organisations that are serious about talent development and learning, and also for state of the art consultancies working as strategic partners for transformation, organisational growth and success.

This is a partnership that will enable their clients to align the learning, development and change projects with their business agenda, but even more importantly determine ROI of those projects and continuously increase their efficiency and drive performance.