training effectiveness
2019-10-18 | News
After a 6-month long procurement process, a review of Kodo's measurement methodology and our IT security and integrity we can finally say…
training effectiveness
2019-09-19 | News
We are happy to announce that Axfood have decided to continue working with The Kodo Way and use Kodo Survey to determine training…
evaluate training effectiveness
2019-06-19 | News
Participate in our next certification program. The program consists of three 1,5-hour online modules, with homework prior to each webinar…
training effectiveness
2019-05-06 | News
Wazoku have decided to use Kodo to guarantee the effectiveness of their programmes and enabling their clients to ensure learning transfer…
training effectiveness
2019-03-25 | News
Axfood wants to use Kodo Survey to open up for the possibility of determining training effectiveness and maximizing its ROI.  Read more…
2019-01-31 | News
Jönköping municipality starts using Kodo Survey for their leadership development programmes, their work environment training and possible…
2018-11-21 | News
PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sweden starts using Kodo Survey.  PwC will use Kodo Survey to determine the impact of some of their courses and…
new feature
2018-10-09 | News
We've started to develop a new feature that will enable Kodo Survey users to evaluate their trainings on level 1 for free. In mid October…
Maverick by Sigma <3 High Impact Learning
2018-07-05 | News
Maverick by Sigma and Kodo Survey partner up. Maverick by Sigma will use Kodo Survey to demonstrate the impact of their efforts, and also…
Kodo Survey Terms and Policies
2018-05-21 | News
A new version of our Privacy Policy has just been released. Go here to read it. 
Kodo Survey Terms of Use
2018-05-21 | News
Our Terms of Use have just been updated. Go here to read it. 
evaluate training effectiveness
2018-05-17 | News
If you have completed Kodo's Training Measurement Certification program you assume accreditation as Kodo certified in automated training…