Kodo Survey Terms and Policies
2021-05-21 | News
A new version of our Privacy Policy has just been released. Go here to read it. 
Kodo Survey Terms of Use
2021-05-21 | News
Our Terms of Use have just been updated. Go here to read it. 
Learning impact measurement
2021-03-21 | News
Volvo Cars helped us develop our Simplified measurement. After the 4 month testing Silvie Alnas, Learning Specialist, said: "Wow, you have…
ROI institute
2020-09-20 | News
ROI institute helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment. It…
2020-04-03 | News
Emerging have decided to use Kodo to maximize the effectiveness of their programmes and enabling their clients to drive high impact…
training effectiveness
2020-01-18 | News
After a 6-month long procurement process, a review of Kodo's measurement methodology and our IT security and integrity we can finally say…
training effectiveness
2019-11-19 | News
We are happy to announce that Axfood have decided to continue working with The Kodo Way and use Kodo Survey to determine training…
evaluate training effectiveness
2019-06-19 | News
Participate in our next certification program. The program consists of three 1,5-hour online modules, with homework prior to each webinar…
training effectiveness
2019-05-06 | News
Wazoku have decided to use Kodo to guarantee the effectiveness of their programmes and enabling their clients to ensure learning transfer…
training effectiveness
2019-03-25 | News
Axfood wants to use Kodo Survey to open up for the possibility of determining training effectiveness and maximizing its ROI.  Read more…
2019-01-31 | News
Jönköping municipality starts using Kodo Survey for their leadership development programmes, their work environment training and possible…
2018-11-21 | News
PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sweden starts using Kodo Survey.  PwC will use Kodo Survey to determine the impact of some of their courses and…
new feature
2018-10-09 | News
We've started to develop a new feature that will enable Kodo Survey users to evaluate their trainings on level 1 for free. In mid October…
Maverick by Sigma <3 High Impact Learning
2018-07-05 | News
Maverick by Sigma and Kodo Survey partner up. Maverick by Sigma will use Kodo Survey to demonstrate the impact of their efforts, and also…
evaluate training effectiveness
2018-05-17 | News
If you have completed Kodo's Training Measurement Certification program you assume accreditation as Kodo certified in automated training…