About us

Learning analytics - made simple.

Our vision is to make it possible for all sizes and types of organizations to evaluate impact and ROI of their training and development initiatives. We enable our users to continuously improve and maximize ROI potential of their training and development. We believe that learning is a must in order to progress and succeed with business and growth, and by making Kodo Survey accessible and affordable we contribute to the development of a sustainably growing society . 

With a gathered experience of more than 50 years, from large international enterprises as well as local companies and municipalities, it's with confidence that we say that we know measuring learning impact is a challenge that traditional systems do not solve for our customers. But we are making that possible - in an easy way - for large as well as small companies and consultancies

Kodo Survey is built on our experience of training, learning and development, with inspiration from Bloom's learning taxonomies, Brinkerhoff’s high-impact learning, Ajzen’s theory of planned behaviour and Phillips 5-level ROI methodology., just to name a few. 

Our team is our greatest asset. We are dedicated making sure that Kodo Survey offers everything we promise: 

Picture of senior learning consultant

Fenix knows learning. He contributes to the development of our learning impact measurement solution with experience and best practices. He pushes borders and challenge status quo, but also loves good food. 


Our mega senior developer

Niclas is our mega-senior software developer. He's the one that put all ideas and the entire concept into code. He likes to go to cinemas with his kids and travel to Brazil. He's also two-timing us with another job, but we think that's ok.

Our amazing marketeer

Ulrika is making us look great. She's designing our communication material making the world aware of our offer. Apart from that, she trains krav maga and runs 10 kilometers in 50 minutes.


Our great UX designerThis is Niklas. Yes, we have two of those in the team, but we separate them with the "c" and the "k". As you can see he's mega senior as well. His job is to make sure that the other Niclas' code is making Kodo Survey user-friendly for you.


HenrikHenrik is a Chaos pilot that understand what it means to drive change and develop organisations. Since he doesn't have a TV in his house he has had time to help hundreds of organisations to change behaviour and develop  cultures - and of course it has all been measured.